Yellow Building, 2600 Block of Washington Avenue

Renovated by McGowan Walsh into condos, the stretch of brightly colored buildings on Washington have become a minor landmark.

Covered with paint for decades, the cleaning revealed the bright yellow terracotta lying underneath.

Many of the original windows survive, and they have been painted a complimentary black.

Original windows can be inspected right on ground level.

Here is a close-up shot of the yellow terracotta, one of the most unique colors in the city.

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  1. samizdat says:

    Yeah, when they first started to poke around these buildings before the start of the major part of construction, there were a few spots where you could see the yellow through the paint. Boy, talk about a revelation! Bright, bright yellow AND terracotta? Yaaaaaay! Yeah, this building is pretty friggin' cool. If they did in fact use the original windows–at least in part–that would be just icing on the yellow cake.

  2. Nick says:

    What is the address to this building?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      2617 Washington Boulevard

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