Zombie Subdivisions, Revisited

All over the place! 009

Beyond the manicured lawns off of Crescent Road, the zombies appear out of nowhere.

All over the place! 007

Weeds, as tall as grown men, fill the fields of dreams where McMansions had once dared to tread.

All over the place! 006

The pavement has prematurely aged, a thin veneer of blacktop on the surface of the heavy clay.

All over the place! 005

Not much has changed out here since the last time I photographed it. What is like to live in the one house that actually was finished?

All over the place! 004

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  1. Tom Bartholow says:

    There must have been areas like this one right in Saint Louis from time to time. An old farm of orchard parceled and platted, with a few eager beavers building, and suddenly the fashion shifts, or the winds do, or perhaps money gets tight, and some investor cant be found and property cant be sold.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Indeed. 2008 was a factor as well.

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