Old Jefferson Bank and Trust Building, Corner of Jefferson and Washington

Nicknamed the Building that is Impossible to Photograph, this former bank building is now a government office.

Reflecting the changing uses and architecture of the western edge of town, and perhaps replacing one of the structures demolished in the clearance of the Mill Creek Valley, it cuts a unique profile across the intersection.

The blue paint may not be original, but I am not sure.


  1. JBT moved from that building to the current one on Market around 1980, so I never worked there. But I talked to a couple of my co-workers who did, and they said that they never knew about a cave. So I’m guessing that it was blocked off and covered over during construction.

    On a side note, I tried to research the location of the first JBT building. Turns out that intersection doesn’t exist anymore!

  2. I am trying to find information on the original contractor and architect for this building. I need a set of the original plans for this building if they are available.

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