Carondelet Park


SLU, Southwest City, and Forest Park 062

Carondelet Park is the third largest park in St. Louis, and the anchor of the southern end of the city around Holly Hills and Carondelet; it was established in 1876, shortly after the city annexed the southern town.

SLU, Southwest City, and Forest Park 058

Originally, at least partially, part of the Lyle Estate, whose Italianate house you can see above (apparently it’s the oldest frame house in the city), it was also made up of other pieces of property.

SLU, Southwest City, and Forest Park 063

The park’s trees are beautiful, and even in the fading light of the winter sky, it is a beautiful sight; you can spot the houses lining the park through the branches.

SLU, Southwest City, and Forest Park 059

The railroad bridge is quite old, and dates from 1873, I believe.  A butcher who used to serve my parents at the Straubs in Town and Country told us he grew up near here and would taunt the hobos who lived under the bridge back in the 1940’s.

SLU, Southwest City, and Forest Park 060

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  1. the 59 King

    01/21/2013, 09:47 am

    Carondelet Park also may be the area of St Louis most intensively laced with sinkholes — a strong indicator of a cave system underneath (which doubtless contributes to the reason the land was allowed to remain undeveloped).

    Here’s a snapshot of the park itself:

    And here’s the KMZ file of the whole city (requires Google Earth or similar):

    Nice post, Chris, enjoyed it.

    • Chris Naffziger

      01/21/2013, 11:37 pm

      That sounds like a good explanation; did you know that Central Park in Manhattan was created because of the unfavorable building conditions? I need to check the Compton and Dry atlas and see if that tells us anything.


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