Crumby Run-Down Malls of St. Louis #6: Chesterfield Mall

I never thought Chesterfield Mall would join the ranks of Dead Malls in St. Louis.

But it has, and despite surviving the Great Recession, it was done in by the two new outlet malls further west.

I used to love this mall, back in the 1990s before the cool 1970s style was ripped out. Those big stainless steel sculptures were amazing.

Oh yeah, remember when Dillard’s flooded right before Black Friday. Well, you heard it here first: that store is NOT reopening. There is no evidence of any renovation going on–not even one dumpster.

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  1. I suspected that Dillard’s would not re-open in that mall after that water line broke and flooded the store. It was probably a smart business move just use the situation to gracefully exit the mall with no ugly “store closing” drama necessary.

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