Crunden-Martin, Waiting


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Crunden-Martin Manufacturing was one of those industries East Coast types like to cite when talking about the so-called “Rust Belt.”  Famous for its wood products, the company operated in the shadow of downtown, then the MacArthur Bridge, then the interstates an the Arch.  Imagine, working in this massive complex, with the humming of machines.  One of the interesting aspects of this complex was its apparent lack of parking.

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Surely there was a parking lot added at some point, but imagine for decades street cars depositing workers in waves in the morning, and picking them up again the afternoon.  Perhaps even some workers walked over from the Soulard neighborhood.  It’s a shame to see these giant buildings, with their broad, open floor plans, sit empty.  They await a vision, capital and the wherewithal to come back to life.  Hopefully it will come in time.  One building was struck by fire, or arson, depending on whom you ask.  It is rumored to be next on the demolition list.

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I love the street bridges; they still exist in downtown and in several other places, but they point to a level of density that no longer exists in manufacturing.  A seven story factory building is rare today.


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  1. Jan

    01/05/2014, 05:45 pm

    My mom was a Crunden-Martin employee as a young woman along with several of her friends. Yes, they rode the streetcars back and forth from south city. Mom talks about her Crunden-Martin days fondly. I think the location of the complex has also hindered the development of the buildings.

  2. Shelly

    08/05/2014, 02:58 pm

    I wonder if you are allowed to do a photo shoot inside some of these old building? I am an art student and I am trying to find buildings that I could shoot models from a BFA project


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