1. I knew Gallaudet was a great educational institution, but until this post, I did not realize how great. They are able to teach the dead! That is impressive. The dead are one of the hardest groups to teach in a traditional school. Teachers and other students just do not know how to reach out and interact with their dead classmates. The fact that Gallaudet has been able to create a classroom environment where the dead can learn and develop the social skills needed later in death is a great triumph, and I approve of the work they are doing.

  2. I had a high school service project here during its final year of operation. The school had a good deal of original architectural detail remaining, including green-glazed bricks in the staircase and as trim in the hallways, a large auditorium, a beautiful staircase with some Gothic detail (and the windows on the second story landing were tinted yellow, which looked really pretty with the sun shining through them), a fallout shelter sign, and some original stalls in the bathrooms (wood or marble). Helen Keller visited here, supposedly. I was sad to see it close. The dead were too.

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