Old Lutheran Hospital


How sad how the past is forgotten when those who lived it are gone. The old Lutheran Hospital, for me, is one such example. I have absolutely no recollection of this place existing, and I only discovered it after wondering about the writing above the door of the oldest part of the hospital. It’s interesting to see how the building progressed along Texas Avenue, and then hopped over to Jefferson, eventually taking up the whole block. It’s sort of sad that the memories of all of the hard work will one day be gone.


Here is a great write-up for the history of the hospital. It was part of the larger “Lutheran Civic Center” of South City, whose other buildings, like Concordia Seminary, I’ve covered in the past.


Nowadays, the hospital is owned by the same people as St. Alexius, and the famous school of nursing is still open. I believe it is largely empty.



  1. I don’t think the school of nursing is empty. However, if there is a way to make this an official landmark? I would be right there. I did my training here and just got back to the area.

  2. I was born in the Old Lutheran Hospital, July 17 1947, however I was adopted 6 months later and moved to Kankakee, Illinois

  3. I was born in the old Lutheran Hospital, December 7, 1957, and then was adopted to Oakland, Il

  4. My grandma had a child in this hospital a baby girl somewhere in 1947 and was told she died but never got to see her or where she was supposed to be buried. Starting to think she was adopted out. Anyone know where i may get some info on this

  5. Does anyone know when this hospital was actually renamed because my brother was born here on July 17th, 1980. Our mother who now lives in California also gave birth to a baby boy in 1971/1972 she gave him the name of Jason David my grandmother then held him and signed for him to be put of for adoption my mother had no choice in thus decision. It would mean a lot to our family to find him. We’ve already been reunited with some cousins, aunts, and uncles.

  6. this is more then sad we need this hospital come back our choises are so limited
    i liked the fact if i need emergency help thats were i would go and it was always a welcome place and fast and good care they need to come back hay st.louis bring the south side back

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