Parks College, Revisited

A reader graciously sent me some more images of Parks College, as well as one postcard of what the school looked like in better days. My original post about the college has elicited the most comments, up there with the former Deaconess Hospital and Cragwold. It clearly is still very dear to many people in the St. Louis region.

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  1. went to Parks in Cahokia after a couple of cruises in Southeast Asia launching F-4 Phantoms off an aircraft carrier, lived on Shaw Blvd while doing so and blithely did a lot of stupid stuff while getting a degree there. worked at McDonnell Aircraft in the (now abandoned) storied old Curtiss Wright complex on the north side of Lambert, where I witnessed a great deal of modern military aircraft design history take place. As time would have it, the Ranger was reduced to bite-sized hunks of scrap metal last year so it seems there are several existential issues to deal with now…

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