The Funky Half Flounder Alley House

This alley house, whose front house was never built or demolished at the corner of Keokuk and Virginia, is far older than 1895, which is when the City says it was built. You can tell because the brick doesn’t match. I suspect the 1870s, and the 1895 refers to when this building was altered along Keokuk. What an intriguing house.

It clearly once had a wooden front porch, and even a large wing out the back.


    • The dormer faces south, so I assume it was to bring more light into the loft/second floor of the flounder. Also, it is pretty typical to have dormers on flounders elsewhere in the City.

  1. This flounder would make a good restoration project. It is small. It still has most of a roof, which means one would likely not have to rebuild all the framing. The masonry is in mostly good condition; the brickwork around the alley side windows appears to need some work. If someone is lucky, there might even be original trim, mantles, and windows left to restore.

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