Gravois Avenue Between California and Ohio Avenues, Fox Park

On my way to photographing St. Francis de Sales in the fog, and continuing my slow documentation of Gravois Avenue, having done Tower Grove East to the west a while back, I shot some of the buildings on the north side of that main thoroughfare in Fox Park.

This giant Spire, formerly Laclede Gas building is now for sale. I see so much potential for it. First off, you could open up those storefront windows on the corner here on the northwest angle of California and Gravois. It looks to be in good shape after years of occupation by the utility.

Heading northeast past California, we see this building that built out the lot in front of a house, whose roof you can just barely see in peeking above.

You can just barely see that building and the Dutch Town Auto Brokerage in this old post from August of 2008. The business seems to still be there, or I should say its sign is.

Gravois in this area is famous, or I should probably say infamous, for its many used car dealerships. Many have closed recently, or have been bought out by redevelopers.

Next up is this interesting building, which I first photographed back in April of 2008. It has deteriorated substantially in the last fourteen years.

While the building across Ohio Avenue continues to be in great shape, with a business occupying its first floor.

But it’s tough having a business on Gravois, because the traffic is so wild. People don’t want to park their car along here because they’re afraid it’s going to get hit while they’re inside.

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