West End, From Hamilton Avenue

Hamilton Avenue, one of the last major north-south avenues in North City east of Skinker, contains a wealth of early Twentieth Century architecture, as it passes through the West End.

Most of the houses are occupied, but they show the slow deterioration you see in houses whose owners cannot afford to repair them adequately.

These apartments are looking good; I often see buildings of this size poorly maintained with garbage strewn about the front lawn.

The storefront below sits empty like most of the businesses around here; I suppose there isn’t much disposable income.

I was alerted to Oakherst Place, just west of Hamilton a series of gently curving streets, by the Preservation Research Office, that are made of concrete block, which was at one time a luxury, I suppose.  The mix of architectural styles, eclectic in nature, never ceases to intrigue me.

Update: The house above was renovated in 2017.

It is probably too late for this house; it seems impossible to imagine someone securing financing from a bank to salvage it.

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  1. I love the concrete block house (second from the bottom with the do not enter sign partially visible). Shame to see it overgrown and dilapidated as it is.

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