Julian-Goodfellow Concrete Block Houses

Well, I’ll be darned! There’s another cluster of concrete block houses just a short distance away from the more heavily documented Oakherst Concrete Block House Distrct (I’ve looked at that area back in November of 2012, and September of 2019, but most extensively in October of 2017).

While Oakherst seemed to be more of a planned subdivision, the houses along Julian and Goodfellow largely followed pre-existing street plats.

Likewise, the houses along Julian are largely uniform in design, so their beauty is not only in their architecture, but in the rhythm they create as the pedestrian or motorist (this area was largely built up after the invention of the automobile) moves down the street.

At Oakherst, Sanborn maps revealed that there was a concrete plant on site, and I wonder if that facility provided the blocks for this development, as well.

Regardless, despite the loss of the apartment building on the corner of Blackstone and Julian–which I would have loved to see–the entire street wall is intact.

While the remaining houses before Goodfellow all have porches, there are no scars of porches having been removed from the others that do not have them.

As can be seen from the Sanborn, there is a row of alternating red brick and concrete houses on Goodfellow, which are interesting in that even the brick houses have components of concrete blocks in their front façade ornamentation.

Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, St. Louis, Missouri, 1909 December, Plate 27.

While starting at Julian and heading south the first couple are in relatively good states of preservation, and if look closely we discover these are two-families befitting their location on a major north-south traffic artery, the remainder are in rough shape.

And sadly, there has even been at least one if not two demolished. I hope these unique houses can be preserved as well as their neighbors on nearby Julian.

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  1. l says:

    Glad to see more info on these unique houses. There are a couple at 8120 and 8124 St Charles Rock Rd that I can now look into a bit further.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Interesting! I’ll have to check them out sometime in the near future. There is of course the abandoned roadhouse in Baden, as well.

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