3,500th Post: Could We Please Just Stop Building Crap?

So it’s been over a decade since the Century Building has been torn down, and the 9th Street Garage, built in its place, has managed not to collapse in that time period. A friend of mine, who worked on the garage, said it was not built properly and had to be repaired during construction. They didn’t bother to account for the quicksand pocket that historians have known about for over one hundred years. It’s all underneath the buildings around the Old Post Office. But hey, what do we know?

For some reason, it’s already under renovation. St. Louis tore down one of the last historic marble-clad office buildings in the country, and we have a half-empty parking garage to show for it. And for some reason, it is so poorly managed that graffiti-scarred elevators have been left in this state, seen below, for weeks, if not for months.

Could We Please Just Stop Building Crap?

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