Friedens Cemetery

Northwest Plaza, Hyde Park and Elsewhere 042

Update: The cemetery is under new management, which has made major changes and improvements to maintenance and service, I am happy to report.

We looked at the Friedens Church in Hyde Park yesterday, and now we move out to the associated cemetery just outside the City of St. Louis on North Broadway, or Bellefontaine Road. The burial records seem to be located at a very simple website located here.

Northwest Plaza, Hyde Park and Elsewhere 039

Judging from angry on-line reviews, service has declined at the cemetery, and on the day we first visited it, we were surprised to discover when we left that we had visited well past the posted gate hours. Apparently no one cares about getting around to closing the cemetery on time anymore.

Northwest Plaza, Hyde Park and Elsewhere 040

Like its church down the road in Hyde Park, time seems to have passed this cemetery by. I worry about these cemeteries in what is now an increasingly rough neighborhood; who is keeping vigil?

Northwest Plaza, Hyde Park and Elsewhere 041

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  1. Don says:

    Friedens Cemetery. That place means a lot to me. I worked there from 1979 – 1993. While I was there, for the most part. The grounds were in good shape. Plots and records were in order. Those that worked the grounds and the superintendent care for the families interred and those visiting. There were times when work fell behind but we tried to keep the place as it should look. A respectful place to bury a loved one. I cant speak for what happened after I moved on to a different job. I had heard the cemetery endowment was bought out, those working the grounds were terminated suddenly and a corporation took over operations. It saddens me to hear the sad state the grounds are being kept now. To know that families are angered and distraught that no one is around to answer questions. I don’t think I could bring myself to visit that place. It’s just too sad. Thank you sir for your time.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I was up there about a month ago, and I felt like cemetery maintenance had improved.

  2. bob wilhelm says:

    How does one go about finding a listing of a deceased relative buried here?

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Good question. I would try the cemetery owner first.

  3. TeAirah Randolph says:

    Hi I have a daughter buried there & im trying to get us her a tombstone but nobody hasnt responded In months . Please contact me…..
    TeAirah Randolph

  4. Dawn Brodeur says:

    My parents and grandparents are there. They trusted to be taken care of.

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