In Between Delmar and Page Avenue, Revisited

Update: Here are some more photos from this area in 2019.

I returned to that area just north of the Central West End near Lewis Place, and checked in on some of the houses that I had photographed before. The apartment building below has continued to deteriorate, though the collapsed front porch has been cleaned up.

The house next door sits empty as well, with its windows missing, exposed to the elements.

There may be some good news to report about the amazing house below; stay tuned and I will see what I can report in the future.

And finally, there’s this gem of the Queen Anne style, with heavy stone lintels and fish scale ornament along with that stunning turret. There were more houses like this everywhere around the city.

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  1. Kyle Wheeler says:

    Any update regarding the beautiful red stone home located off of Cook? Thanks!

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      I hear there are tentative plans at rehabilitation, but I don’t know the full story yet. I sure hope they will come to fruition! There was a previous attempt about ten years ago.

      1. W. White says:

        I hope it is restored. The problem I have with it (which is why I have not tried to tackle its restoration myself) is that so much of it has deteriorated to the point where it will have to be replaced. There is no interior, so there is nothing to restore there, making it a gut renovation (which I am not a fan of, though it is better to save something than nothing, I believe we should keep buildings from getting to the point where they have to be gut renovated). The exterior is a mess as well, with multiple areas of failing arches and brickwork that require very careful and very expensive reconstruction. But the worst part of the exterior is that so much of the beautiful stonework has spalled, particularly on the turret, and will have to be replaced, another difficult and expensive proposition. And, the house is an LRA house, which adds more problems.

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