Old St. Engelbert’s Roman Catholic Church

Rechristened St. Elizabeth, Mother of John (the Baptist) when several North Side parishes were closed, including Most Holy Rosary, St. Engelbert was a German national church.

I usually associate the English Gothic Revival with Presbyterian or Lutheran churches, and it’s interesting to see a Roman Catholic church of this style.

The compressed Gothic arches form the front portal.

“For the greater glory of God, the Most Reverend J(ohn) J(oseph) Glennon, Doctor of Divinity, placed me (the cornerstone) with rites in honor of St. Engelbert on July 18 in the year of our Lord 1926. Reverend A.J. von Braun, pastor.”

Like many of the giant churches scattered around the city, there was originally a much smaller church that was replaced in the late 19th or early 20th centuries. I strongly suspect the sanctuary was on the second floor and either a congregation hall or classrooms were located on the first floor.

St. Engelbert’s Catholic Church, Photograph by John Kaut, 1908, Missouri History Museum, N34578
St. Engelbert’s Catholic Church, Interior View, Photograph by John Kaut, 1908, Missouri History Museum, N34579

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  1. Molly M. Henke says:

    My husband was graduated from St. Englebertís in 1945. I have his graduation photograph with his class and a priest. I donít know the priestís name but he is in the center front row. The photograph is on the church front steps with the arches and doors behind.

  2. Faith Barnes says:

    I love St. Engelbert Catholic Church, our Sisters, our brothers, and our Priest. I was a little girl that used to sit a door at St. Engelbert’s listening to the Sisters sing, they sang so beautifully to G-d, and one day as I was listening, to the sisters,
    the Sisters invited me inside to sing with them. I was married at St. Engelbert’s Catholic Church,
    Father Leitrim, married, us I was wondering if
    I, Faith Barnes married to Rickie Barnes,
    the only ones married at St. Engelbert’s or
    have there been
    many other marriages also.

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