5300-5400 Block of Maple Avenue

I’ve actually photographed the houses above and below before, back when I looked at Maple Avenue in April of this year (last photo), but they were on the other side of a street closure, which are common throughout this part of the city. I’d looked at Maple another time, way back in December of 2015, but this time I finally made it to the section between Belt Avenue and Union Boulevard.

Like much of the greater West End area, houses were built starting in the late Nineteenth Century in what was the Mount Cabanne Addition, and consequently there are still some wood frame houses left.

Houses that came later were built of brick or stone, but they continued to be built on large lots in a much different fashion to the south.

These houses back up to Bartmer Avenue, and are part of the Chamberlain Park Addition.

This house is a standout, and reflects more of a Tudor Revival influence.

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