Cabanne Castle and Vernon Avenue, West of Union Boulevard

Update: Renovation had continued in August of 2022 when I went by again.

As I noticed back in April of this year, the Cabanne Castle was undergoing a gutting and presumed rehab. A building permit for $2,000,000 had been pulled in February, and hopes were high. When I drove by recently, it seemed like work had stopped–not dumpsters or other signs of construction. I’m not sure what’s going on and I’ll let readers know if the situation changes.

Since I was nearby, I thought I would check out some of the parallel streets to Cabanne Avenue, such as the one to the immediate north, which is Vernon Avenue, just west of Union Boulevard.

I’ve long stated that this area is one of the most beautiful parts of the city, and despite popular misconceptions, there is not a lot of abandonment. Homeownership is high, and the residents are largely middle-class. Vernon east of Union is one of the more exemplary blocks in the city.

But I’m worried for the future, as the owners are on average older. Will we provide the financing and services to allow for their children and grandchildren to transition into these houses, ensuring these neighborhoods can be strong for the next generation?

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  1. Another issue is that as homeowners age, it gets harder to maintain buildings and lots. Those seniors on fixed incomes can’t afford to pay someone else to do the work. Would be nice if the city could offer some assistance.

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