A Collapse and the Near North Riverfront

Well, for the second time in a couple of weeks a building just north of downtown was destroyed that I didn’t have any pictures of (the first was this one). I suppose I always took the building for granted, but I learned after high winds caused a partial collapse that it was in worse shape than I realized. It was a pile of rubble, seen above, by the time I got by the next day.

There’s not much happening up this way, to be honest.

I did find this cool industrial building nearby that I hadn’t really noticed before.

The building, shaped like a T, was originally the John Rohan and Son Boiler Works Company.

Rohan was born in Kilkenny, Ireland and began his work in St. Louis in brickyards, before working up to owning his own company, which you can see in these photos.

The Cotton Belt is still sitting vacant. I don’t honestly see anything happening with it anytime soon.

There is still plenty of industry down along the riverfront.

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  1. Where were the earliest brickyards?

    1. cnaffziger says:

      Good question: I know the Russell clay mines under Tower Grove South were pretty early, but I don’t know if there were ones that came before them.

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