A Far Corner of North St. Louis

Nestled under the crushing embrace of I-70 to the north, and plotted out over relatively hilly terrain, this corner of North St. Louis doesn’t get a lot of visitors.

The house above looks like it could be out of the Brady Bunch, if it weren’t boarded up. Perhaps what is most interesting about this board-up is that it has identical neighbors, fully inhabited, well-maintained and carrying on. What causes one house to become vacant and the other, identical houses to stay occupied?

The architectural diversity of the neighborhood is stunning; one second you’re driving down a street that looks like St. Louis Hills, and then you turn the corner, and there’s one lone, Second Empire house sitting amongst 1950’s ranch homes.

Finally, these townhomes are some of the most intriguing that I’ve found in St. Louis. Certainly, they’re not the most attractive, but they’re interesting in their severe design. Some are occupied, some are not.

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