Abandoned Factory, Old North St. Louis

Update: Demolished in the winter of 2020 due to structural issues.

The original platting of the town of North St. Louis, at the time several miles north of the city center, originally called for three circular parks in the middle of the street grid: one for a school, one for an open park, and finally one for a church. As it were, the vision materialized, though the circular plats for the school and church are now largely obscured. The middle park, Jackson Park, still exists and functions as the terminus for North Market Street. Interestingly, over a hundred years ago industry and manufacturing began to creep in to what was meant to be a coveted address for the leading members of North St. Louis society.

As can now be seen, the industry has left the circle around Jackson Park as well; the hulking remains, scarred by terrible graffiti, still sit on the south side of the park.

North Market

Sanborn maps reveal what the neighborhood looked like one hundred years ago, and the houses that once lined the park still stand, though certainly their days were numbered.

North Market - Copy

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  1. Laura Dore says:

    Whenever I drive down 70 south I love looking at this area. I thought it was so interesting with the buildings built around the circles. Better than rectangular parks!

  2. Kels says:

    That particular abandoned factory always catches my eye as I drive down 70. Although some of the graffiti on the front of that building is ‘terrible,’ the graffiti on the top is some at least ten years old, and has a history to itself. Most importantly, I think it says something about the length of time that particular building has been left to rot/uncared for.

  3. Dee Caldwell says:

    Having been born (1942) and raised in North St. Louis I spend hours on these sites. They bring back many so many memories. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, all the homes in about a four plus-block square area of my house have been torn down. I lived 2320 Sullivan Ave (Since back in those days my family only took pictures of family and not buildings) I have found one that looks somewhat like our house

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      Dee, it looks like your family lived where the senior citizens’ home is now in the St. Louis Place neighborhood? There has been massive amounts of demolition in that area, as you mentioned.

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