Abandoned Farmhouse, August 2015

Update: The house was destroyed sometime in thefirst half of 2019.

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that the old farmhouse is still standing, in largely the same condition as the last time we had seen it.

2015-08-14 20.28.10

I realized that the bull’s eyes on the corners of the window frames still possess a bit of red paint, alluding to the former color scheme of the house.

2015-08-14 20.28.45-2

2015-08-14 20.28.56-3

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  1. Stephanie Wuertz says:

    Do you remember where this is located? or any recommendations on other abandoned farm houses close to St.Louis would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      This is east of Washington, Illinois.

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