All Saints Roman Catholic Church, St. Peters

All Saints Roman Catholic Church in St. Peters traces its origins to 1823 when it was first founded by French settlers. It was known as St. Peter’s at first, which gives its name to the city and area. Only later, as more German immigrants came to the area, was the church renamed and moved to a new location in 1856.

It’s a beautiful example of the German Gothic Revival, with the focus on the brickwork and stone or terracotta details. The tall centrally placed spire is typical of the style, as well. The church was completed in 1882.

Instead of flying buttresses, there are engaged buttresses and tall pointed Gothic windows.

There is a spire over the crossing, as well.

The profile of the apse from behind is quite spectacular.

There is a large and historic cemetery out front of the church, as well.

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