Around Pestalozzi Street, Benton Park West


Update: I went back to Pestalozzi Street in the fall of 2020.

Along Pestalozzi, in the Benton Park West neighborhood, more evidence of the clustering of workers’ cottages around the intersections of major roads out in the suburbs of St. Louis just after the Civil War abound. The houses above, strangely are shown as being built at separate times, appear as a cogent whole.


A type of half flounder, seen below, sits on the alley, with evidence that it was an addition to the house on the right.


A “true” alley house, with its facade on the alley, is nearby.


I forgot where this house below is exactly, but it is absolutely fascinating. The porch galleries on the back are well-preserved, something that is rare in the city.


Compton and Dry shows the houses along Pestalozzi. The street was not completely cut through yet, as seen below.


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