Ashland Avenue Between Vandeventer and Warne Avenues, South Side, The Greater Ville

A quick note: I realized this weekend it was a bad idea to lump the The Ville and The Greater Ville neighborhoods into one giant tag, so I went through and relabeled all of those posts into those two respective neighborhoods.

Anyway, I digress, and I decided visit the 3900 block of Ashland Avenue, on the northeastern edge of The Greater Ville.

These are interesting houses, full of details such as these formers below (which I suspect have been renovated at some point), that we just don’t see on the South Side.

Even the vacant houses below is in relatively good condition. Maybe someone will rescue it before it starts to deteriorate.

These are the houses that formed the backbone of the middle class of this city to the present day. At the end of this block, crossing over Warne Avenue we get to Farragut School.

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