Farragut Elementary School

I couldn’t help notice the similarity between David Farragut Elementary School in the Greater Ville neighborhood and Franz Sigel down in McKinley Heights. Both were designed by William B. Ittner, though Farragut opened in 1905, a year before Sigel. Both are named after Union commanders: Farragut, the first full admiral in American history, and Sigel, a German revolutionary and Union major general.

Farragut School, School Building, April 1952, Missouri History Museum, P0900-28713-01-4a

However, Farragut’s front central portal is more ornate, and while the massing is similar, it is more Tudor Revival in ornament.

And as is typical, there are two T-shaped wings projecting out from the center.

There’s some good news with this school; while it’s closed, the building has been purchased and is being renovated by Tabernacle Community Development Corporation.

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