Luyties Monument, Bellefontaine Cemetery

This is the grave of Dr. Herman Luyties, the pioneer of homeopathic treatments for aches and pains. His company still survives. On the day we visited, the protective covering over the statue had fogged over, leaving sculpture shrouded in a surreal mist. His house still stands in Lafayette Square.

Shots Around St. Louis by Jeff Phillips

I gave my friend in from China a tour around the city and parts of Illinois, and these are some of the shots he took. Above, Armour Meat Packing Plant, and below a corner store in North City. Update: The plant was demolished in the spring and summer of 2016. Below, I think this house…

Protest, Washington, DC

Photograph by Jeff Phillips, text by Chris Naffziger. I went to so many protests in DC that I have lost track. The best part is that any given day, you could stumble across one with little effort. I think this was a labor strike of some sort.

Cool Old Bank in Washington, DC

Update: I made it back, and took a ton of pictures you can see here. I still don’t understand why I didn’t take more pictures of DC when I lived there for six years. Alas, I am not there now. But it had great Victorian Period architecture.