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  1. Odd this should pop up here – at least for me.I have recently been using PRID, which is an ancient "drawing salve" to hasten the ejection of a splinter of ? from my foot.Intrigued by the label, which claims it is made in STL by the Walker Pharmacal Company, 63108, I've been making some enquiries. It turns out "Walker" was a name used by the Luyties Company, which built a cool and important building at 4200 Laclede, now converted into some bigga-buck condos.It also turns out that the Luyties Company does not exist, having been bought by the outfit in the link supplied by Chris; this happened around 2000 or so.It also turns out that the PRID product has been made only in CA since at least 2000-01, according to its pharmacist. I don't like the false advertising…Herman Luyties, the son of the founder of the company (1857), was quite a character; he is actually buried in front of the famous maiden, while his wife and the rest of the family are buried some distance away…

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for the information, Tom. That website did seem a little weird about it relation to Luyties.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Evidently you like the fraudulent homeopathy well enough.

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