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  1. David says:

    I remember as a very young child, my Uncle was the Minister of music at the Baden Baptist Church, which was in the A frame church building across the street from Baden elementary school. It now has a different denomination. On Sundays, we would make the drive from Alton, across the old Clark bridge down 367 to the circle and down Halls Ferry. After church, we would usually eat at the Steak and Shake on the Riverview Citcle, then drive around Baden looking at the neighborhood. It was so different than the pictures in your recent posts, there was a thriving community back then. I especially was impressed by Ebenezer Lutheran church and Holy Cross, and the Elementary school, there was also a nice Masonic Temple. My Uncle told me that when Baden was founded, there was a Jewish population here as well, i don’t know if any synagogues remain, but a few street names exist. There is also a very old wood frame church building, Presbyterian I think, very close to the library on halls ferry. I remember the houses being so pristine and well kept, we thought it was such a beautiful neighborhood, such a shame how it has turned out

    1. Chris Naffziger says:

      David, I believe the wood frame church is still there, on the south side of Hall’s Ferry.

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