Bates Street North of St. Matthew’s Cemetery

While St. Matthew’s Cemetery, which I looked at back in January of 2021, was distant from the central city for much of its history, it still needed housing for its workers, and there are many older wood frame houses on Bates Street north of the burial ground that I suspect once housed its employees, such as the one above.

As is typical, of course, as the Twentieth Century wore on, the lots began to fill in with newer housing. But fire insurance maps show that many structures were already here, including a greenhouse on the cemetery grounds, I suspect for the growing and selling of flowers for graves. It’s actually the first time I’ve seen such a building inside an actual cemetery.

Like much of Bevo, many of the houses look to be built in the first two decades of the 1900s, such as the one and two story houses you see below.

But there is this interesting slender wood frame building sitting way back on the alley below, which is very strange.

Closer to Gravois, commercial properties pop up.

This building below is a Masonic Lodge.

It’s grass time!

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