Gravois Avenue From Bates Street to Gertrude Avenue, Bevo

Gravois Avenue in Bevo has one of the best preserved commercial strips in the city, and I took a stroll along it a couple weekends ago.

Further up Gravois, southwest and northeast of Grand Boulevard, the avenue is scarred by parking lots for car dealerships, while in Bevo there are only a couple, thank the Lord.

Down the curving side streets, houses and apartments are within a short walking distance to the commercial strip and former streetcar lines. To this day I have never understood why there was not one single streetcar line that went straight from downtown all the way to the city limits down Gravois.

It’s interesting to see that instead of demolition, building received updates over the decades as their owners adapted them to new ages.

There are even some newer apartments.

And there’s this interesting house, as well.

We’ll continue up the bustling street, which received a “road diet” several years ago, removing a traffic lane in each direction and an added turn lane.

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