Benton Park Restaurants

Update: Niche had a successful run in the neighborhood before moving to Clayton and closing; its owner has opened a series of popular restaurants around St. Louis. Benton Park Cafe has moved to a new location in the neighborhood. Frazier’s, Sidney Street Caf and Yemanja continue to operate in their same locations. I went back and photographed Sidney Street Caf in May of 2021.

Benton Park is anchored by its neighborhood restaurants, some of which can be seen here. Niche, above, has garnered national attention for its food and location.

Sidney Street Cafe continues to operate in the neighborhood, long a symbol of its revitalization.

Frazier’s Brown Bag is another great restaurant across the highway from the brewery.

I’ve never been to Yemanja or Benton Park Cafe, but I’ve heard they’re good as well.

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