Bungalows, Dutchtown

I love these houses that are so common in Dutchtown. While they might look small from the street, in reality they use their space very economically on the interior.

I met a man who made the cast iron cornices with his father during the winter, and then when the spring came, building contractors would come and pick them up for the new season of construction.

Each front is individualized, even if the general floorplan and massing is similar.

Theses houses are all near the Virginia Theater. They are also very economical, particularly considering that housing prices are skyrocketing in the city.

Despite what some people say, small houses like these are still very much valuable, and their low utilities and property taxes are much needed by many working Americans.

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  1. Cindy Rice says:

    We just had family in from San Diego who loved our brick homes here. We take for granted the treasures of architecture we have here.

    1. cnaffziger says:

      We do–the ugliest new trend is out-of-town flippers painting our houses with paint even though there is nothing wrong with the brick. I just saw a house with the brick the color of the main photo. It made me so mad.

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