Carondelet Public Schools

Carondelet School, located on the far south end of the neighborhood, in what is often referred to as The Patch, was built in 1871, meaning it was built the year after the annexation of Carondelet into the City of St. Louis.

It is an interesting transition from the Neo-Classical into the Italianate, and you can even see how the window on the third floor right under the pediment has been altered into two rectangular windows. It has been nicely renovated.

Below, the Des Peres School, built in 1873, shows more of the transition to the Italianate, and also shows perhaps how an infusion of investment was arriving in Carondelet after annexation.

Of course, this was the site of Susan Blow’s Kindergarten, imported from the German Empire.

It’s a nice building, and shows how there was a logical evolution in style from the earlier Carondelet School from 1871 just two years before.

See more of the houses around the school in this post.

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