Lost Potential, Not Failure, North Market Street and Environs

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I have a different attitude compared to most people, I realized. I don’t see these buildings as losses (though they will be demolished for the NGA), but rather lost potential. They’re beautiful; they could be fixed up, easily. But nobody… Continue Reading


Northern Hyde Park Revisited, Again

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The terrain rises rapidly on the streets heading up towards the College Hill neighborhood. Look at the house on the right, carefully restored. Up at the top, open lots await. The infamous old nursing home, shut down for unsanitary conditions,… Continue Reading


Eastern Central West End Revisited, and North

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The eastern end of the Central West End, on streets such as Enright, are lined with just as beautiful houses as the western half. The lack of development is surprising considering its location in the central corridor of the city.… Continue Reading


Dan and JeffVanderLou, Revisited

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I found myself wandering through the western JeffVanderLou neighborhood, which straddles Grand Boulevard. It is in rough shape, as this corner storefront demonstrates. This beautiful row of flats has been ravaged by fire, as has this beautiful little house on… Continue Reading