Revisiting Carondelet: Nagel Avenue Between Michigan Avenue and South Broadway

We already saw the front of this house (last photo) at the corner of Michigan and Nagel, but now we see this interesting addition out the back along the latter street. This was the home of J.C. Degenhart, but it… Continue Reading


Revisiting Carondelet: Virginia Avenue Between Loughborough Avenue and Blow Street, Blow Elementary School

It’s interesting to see how a similar pattern of development occurs in different parts of the city. As I showed recently at the old Webster Elementary School in Old North, at the Blow Elementary School in Carondelet, there were original… Continue Reading


Revisiting Carondelet: Virginia Avenue Between Haven Street and Loughborough Avenue

Heading one block west over to Virginia Avenue (Compton Avenue gets squeezed out down in Carondelet), we now head south from Haven down to Loughborough, first on the west side. The street is far more quiet than Michigan Avenue, and… Continue Reading


Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Blow and Nagel Streets

The block of Michigan Avenue between Blow and Nagel has some of the most interesting houses in Carondelet. First up, we realize there was actually a wood frame house right on the southwest corner, with an address on Blow Street.… Continue Reading


Revisiting Carondelet: Michigan Avenue Between Quincy and Blow Streets

The west side of Michigan Avenue south of Quincy Street starts out nice enough with a rehabbed corner store, but then… Wow, what might easily be one of the most interesting and beautiful houses in the entire City of St.… Continue Reading