The Greater Ville and Western Lutheran Cemetery, Late Summer 2021

I decided to check up on the Western Lutheran Cemetery, which I had not visited January of 2021, and had not really looked at closely nor walked the grounds since January of 2019. I came down Ashland Avenue, and to… Continue Reading


Elliott and Leffingwell Avenues, JeffVanderLou, Late Summer 2021, Part Two

Continuing south on Leffingwell Avenue, retracing my steps from my visit in May of 2020, I saw more green overgrowth and abandonment. The house on the left is actually a half-flounder, with a hipped roof. Its front façade was altered… Continue Reading


Southwest Avenue Between Reber Place and Botanical Avenue

Heading northeast up Southwest Avenue, we get closer to the heart of the Hill, and see more interesting renovations to houses. More Formstone, which was popular in the mid-Twentieth Century, was added to the front of these houses. Also, the… Continue Reading