Cass Avenue Between Leffingwell and Elliott Avenues

First we glance at these houses on Sheridan Avenue, which I think might be slated for rehabilitation, but I’m not sure. We then head up Leffingwell Avenue and turn right onto Cass Avenue, which I’ve looked at twice before in January of 2013 and and January of 2017 (last three photos).

The house below, with the first floor storefront, has deteriorated badly since the first time I saw, and even since the most recent visit. I’m afraid it will be demolished soon.

This pair, which I find so photogenic, seems to be holding on, but I don’t see any reasonable path to their renovation. There are no plans for the redevelopment of this block, so I the end result will probably be the same one day.

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  1. Joshua Vise says:

    This is a fascinating area to explore on Google Maps, especially since you can scroll through time and literally watch the buildings disintegrate. Were you able to try the Little Snack Shop at 2701 Madison?

  2. Joshua Vise says:

    Also, just using Google Maps, it looks like there are more abandoned buildings than occupied ones. With that level of abandonment, could the whole area be rezoned for commercial use?

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