Thomas Street Between North Compton and Leffingwell Avenues

I have no idea if I’ve gone down Thomas Street before. I suspect I have, but I’ve lost track. It happens. But on a bright, sunny Saturday I though these buildings looked really nice, even though they are abandoned, and I feel like someone could come to their rescue.

I love this building, having lived in Baltimore, where they went crazy with Formstone, which is that sort of cheesy concrete stone that was glued onto brick in the 1950s and 60s. It never caught on as much in St. Louis, thank God, but her is a great example here.

I have no idea why I took the photo below. I think there is a building in there somewhere, but it has been completely swallowed by nature. Even in the winter there is very little to be seen.

I always find it fascinating how houses were adapted in the mid Twentieth Century with smaller windows and simpler facades.

But there are still so many houses in great shape even though they are abandoned. Look at the millwork on the cornice below.

Look at that tree in the vacant lot.

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  1. Cindy Rice says:

    Chris, thank you for what you do. I look at your photos everyday and enjoy them.

    1. Thanks for reading, as always!

  2. Mary says:

    North STL has some beautiful houses , but it seems know one can see past the crime and lack of services. It is a shame that the past investors just bought up huge areas , received all the tax breaks and credits that went with the “deal” and they did nothing. Then, “I think” STL bought the tax credits back at a huge cost to STL. SMH

    1. Yeah, that was quite the deal, wasn’t it?

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