Cedar Hill Mill, Jefferson County

Cedar Hill Mill sits on a location that has held a mill since 1847. The current mill was constructed by the Radeacker family.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of this mill is its precarious setting atop a riverbank, below a large dam that funneled water into the mill.

The dam is now broken, probably intentionally after the closing of the mill, and the water comes crashing through the hole, creating a dramatic scene.

My family and I will never forget, some twenty-five years ago, watching some drunk people in an inner-tube ride over the break in the dam, seriously injuring one of them when the inner-tube capsized.

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  1. Ray Phillips says:

    It’s been a while since I made the preservationist blog rounds. So it was serendipity when I load up St. Louis Panina only to find the Cedar Hill Mill! I grew up a couple miles away in the Lake Adelle neighborhood. I’ve taken countless pictures of the mill and the dam. Last time I was by there, there were signs of renovation, so hopefully someone is taking care of it. When I was a kid, it was the “Cedar Hill Feed Mill”, a farm supply store operated out of the other side of the building. Nice to see Cedar Hill get some blogger love <3

    1. george says:

      Hi! I grew up at Lake Adelle too. My name is George Capps. What schools did you attend?

      1. D says:

        I grew up on Lake Adelle, also. Deb Cadwallader. Parents name. McKenzie.

  2. samizdat says:

    Uh-oh, why do I get the feeling that the current siding is one of the asbestos/cement varieties?

  3. Lisa Hoffman says:

    This Mill is not abandoned. It is owned by someone.

  4. Trish Hanson says:

    This mill is referenced at Dogwood Canyon in Lampe Missouri as one of the Ozark mills. They have pictures of this mill there. I grew up in House Springs Missouri and took all of this for granted. It would be so amazing if someone kept the history alive and made it into a restaurant or museum or something to bring in some income for someone while keeping the history.

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