Charless Street Between Indiana Avenue and Beauty Alley

Charless Avenue and its alley are perhaps two of the most isolated but fascinating lanes in St. Louis, with large trees obscuring old Greek Revival houses, half flounders and mysterious ruins.

There is this lot, with a low stone wall that I strongly suspect are foundation walls, with the outline of a roof on the house next door.

Around on the back side, which is Beauty Alley (yes, it’s a rare named alley in St. Louis), there is another wall that looks like the back foundation.

Then there is this giant pile of limestone, which looks like it came from other buildings in the area that have been torn down.

There is a half flounder, which appears in Compton and Dry, and it is in great shape, but it is abandoned. It has a huge yard with beautiful mature trees shading it.

It even has a garage. What a fascinating little street.

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