Cherokee Street Between Minnesota and Pennsylvania Avenues, North Side

Crossing Minnesota, again looking at some buildings I saw back in January of 2017, we see the same sort of corner storefronts that transition the edge of blocks to the middle.

These photos above and below show the evolution of the street, from early Greek Revival rural construction, to later residential in the middle, to commercial buildout to the sidewalk as the density increased.

That western wall of the house below make me suspicious. I suspect that it was once a duplex and its neighbor was demolished.

The next building makes me suspicious, as well. The front façade has obviously been altered, but I’m not sure what it looked like originally.

This building below is famous for once having been the home of Johnny Vegas in the early 2010s.

Finally, as is so common, the street wall is annihilated by a parking lot, which is rarely used, as is so often the case.

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