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  1. mike says:

    I am mad that someone actually tore that down. Our French heritage has been lost in St. Louis. What a mortal shame

  2. The home shown was the "country house" of Chouteau; it is not the "mansion" shown in the link. The house shown was in the now-Bridgeton area. The mansion was Downtown, somewhere on what is now Washington in the Park area; it was razed in 1841.

  3. Chris says:

    Ah, the drawing must have been mislabeled. Thanks, Tom.

  4. Casey Ryback says:

    From having read the description from your link, I gather that the mansion must have sat right about where the south leg of the Arch stands. But I could be wrong.

  5. Jesse Chouteau Donovan says:

    That is a shame I was wanting to see my ancestry home in person. But there are others.

  6. samizdat says:

    Classic French colonial form. Very similar to some of those which still stand in St. Genevieve. (Although it doesn’t seem to have the vertical log structure of the St. Gen houses).

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