College Hill, Revisited

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Update: See the above house in the winter of 2019.

The College Hill neighborhood sits in a striking setting, perched upon a series of hills split by a deep valley, looking out over the Mississippi River. There are beautiful houses such as the one above, and interesting lacunae such as the double flounder house below.

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Update: The double flounder is still standing as of April of 2019.

But unfortunately, some of the views of the river are provided by huge swaths of vacant land, where houses once stood.

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I love this house below, as seen on the right, the house on the left almost certainly looked identical. But then, someone, probably in the early Twentieth Century, added an attic story. I’ve never seen a pitched roof in this way before; they’re usually much wider four-square houses.

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Below is a house I would expect to see in the greater Dutchtown area. What I love about this neighborhood is the incredible diversity of housing stock, ranging over almost one hundred years of settlement. Will revitalization come in time?

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