Dan and JeffVanderLou, Revisited

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I found myself wandering through the western JeffVanderLou neighborhood, which straddles Grand Boulevard. It is in rough shape, as this corner storefront demonstrates.

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This beautiful row of flats has been ravaged by fire, as has this beautiful little house on a narrow street fronting a small park. The house next door is fine, but how would it be to live next to house like this?

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I crossed over Grand, and realized I was near Dan’s house, a man we had met several years ago in 2013. Much to my chagrin, I discovered that Dan and whatever family lived with him had given up on his troubled corner of the neighborhood, moving somewhere outside of the abandonment of his block.

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These two forlorn, and collapsing houses, sit to the east, drifting into oblivion. Can you blame Dan for moving?

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