First National Bank Building, Peoria, Illinois

Update: Edited in November of 2023 to include new images from August of 2023. Also, edited to reflect that Commerce Bank moved out of the building, and the title of the post has been changed to the historic name of the building, and new commentary added.

It seems that every major city in America had that one distinctive skyscraper back in the day. Peoria’s is definitely the former First National Bank Building, built in 1920 and designed by the firm Hewitt & Emerson.

Next door is an additional tower, designed in the Modernist style of architecture and linked by a one store connecting structure to the older building.

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  1. I would have to say the Commerce Bank Tower is the most beautiful buliding in downtown Peoria.

  2. Christopher Callen says:


    Although it’s not showcased on this blog, You should also check out the recently completed and opened ‘ OSF Healthcare Ministry Headquarters ‘ restoration in Downtown Peoria. Which is a (former) Department Store, later turned Bank Building, and subsequently a Legal Services office Building. Peoria-based Caterpillar had briefly slated to demolish as part of a massive downtown headquarters campus that was eventually scrapped.

    Following the shocking 2017 announcement of Caterpillar Inc.’s longtime global headquarters move to suburban Chicago, * (see the following PJStar website Photo Link) Peoria-based OSF Healthcare announced plans in 2018 to relocate and consolidate It’s scattered administrative offices into the historically restored landmark building. Best Regards! ”


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