Commercial Street, North Side, Springfield

Commercial St. Looking East, Arthur Richard Hill Photographs, The State Historical Society of Missouri, SP0067-f007-065

You can read about some of the history of the Commercial Street Historic District here, at the website for the area.

This is an old fire station.

I think these buildings below could be spotted in the historic photograph at the top of this post.

There seems to be more empty renovated storefronts on this section awaiting new businesses.

Of course, the huge railyards that made this area prosper are still there. There is one warehouse left, and it’s a little confusing because there is a freight train parked right in front of its that is painted almost the exact same color.

And then there’s a real survivor! The Jefferson Avenue pedestrian bridge across the tracks is a relic of what were once were many across the country.

Interestingly, there was also one in St. Louis that served Jefferson Avenue, which we’ll see tomorrow.

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