Jefferson Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Pedestrian Bridge Near Jefferson Avenue Over Mill Creek Valley, 19th Century, Missouri History Museum, N25977

Speaking of pedestrian bridges, there actually was at least one that I learned about from Vivian Gibson, author of The Last Children of Mill Creek. It’s been demolished, obviously, but it once took pedestrians over the Mill Creek railyards in the alignment of what was known as West Jefferson Avenue (really the original path of Pratt and then Jefferson). Eventually, a viaduct for vehicles was built to the east and hooked up with Jefferson Avenue further south, and the pedestrian bridge was constructed on what became West Jefferson. This all happened sometime after 1876 and before 1889.

Jefferson Avenue Viaduct North from Chouteau Avenue, c. 1900, Missouri History Museum, N34812

Below, you can see the pedestrian bridge above in the original alignment, and the newer viaduct taking the new path of Jefferson. Very cool, and now becoming a forgotten vestige of St. Louis built environment history.

Whipple’s fire insurance map of St. Louis, Mo., 1892. Vol. 1, Plate 40

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