Cote Brilliante Avenue, Early Summer 2021

I find the long block of Cote Brilliante Avenue between Marcus and Euclid avenues one of the enigmas: filled with beautiful houses but at the same time embodying the troubles afflicting so many North Side neighborhoods. The overgrowth has grown up due to the wet spring and the hot temperatures of the early summer. I first was shown this block back in April of 2013, then I went back in April of 2019 and November of 2020.

And the fires have begun to strike again, taking out this beautiful houses, like this one above.

But then above, you can see this really nice house, that someone has fixed up and is trying to rent. I wish them the best of luck.

And there are so many nice houses on this block as well; you can see above and below.

And everyone’s favorite house is still on the market, but now it’s in foreclosure! The monthly payment on a 30-year fixed is now at $65. It includes much of its original woodwork, and due to the pandemic, with refrigerators on back-order up to three or four months, the added bonus of the house coming with an older model already.

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