Creeping Industry, Courtois Street, Carondelet

These two houses, on Courtois Street (no, I doubt it’s pronounced the French way) are intriguing in that they almost look like houses I’ve seen in New Orleans. The house on the left is older, as can be see in the Sanborn map below.

But what’s interesting is that a twin, built in brick, rose on the vacant lot next to its older neighbor at some time. I want to say these are duplexes, but the Sanborn maps show that they’re single family houses.

Wood frame houses, older than the brick and stone houses that came later, are found throughout the area.

Update: The house below has been demolished.

I find this house fascinating below; I can’t figure out why the back half of the house is wood frame when the front is stone. Was the wood part originally a slop porch that was enclosed?

All of the houses for the most part east of the railroad tracks are now gone, sucked up and destroyed by industry that has grown along the river.

This massive grain elevator seems to be the future of the area.

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  1. Kevin says:

    I think the half wood/half stone house is the same house that is on page 74 of the pdf that was posted on yesterday’s Vulcan Street post. In the 1980 photo the wood part is indeed a porch.

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