Dan Fogelberg Memorial, Peoria

“Dan Fogelberg? Who’s Dan Fogelberg?” As at least one friend has remarked to me recently, Google Maps has been arbitrarily highlighting some features and ignoring other more important landmarks. Recently, while scanning around Peoria on Google Satellite, one such arbitrary landmark popped up near the shores of Lake Peoria: The Dan Fogelberg Memorial.

Peoria, as I’ve tried to emphasize the last two days, does a great job of promoting its native sons, and Fogelberg is no different. While apparently there is at least one detractor in town who vandalized the memorial, the city otherwise celebrates the musician. For example, below is the high school where his father taught band, which inspired Fogelberg’s song, “Leader of the Band.”

Abington Street, which has been renamed Honorary Fogelberg Parkway, takes you up the bluffs to another landmark.

Here you find the convenience store where Fogelberg picked up a six-pack of beer and caught up with an old flame on Christmas, memorialized in his song, “Another Auld Lang Syne.”

Here’s a church nearby that I liked. But seriously, if Peoria can do such a good job of celebrating its celebrities, why can’t St. Louis do a better job?

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